Fibreglass Porch Pillars and Caravan Pillars Carmarthenshire, Cardiff, London, UK

Whether you need specially made fibreglass panels or you are looking for a variety of home exterior mouldings, call the experts from P L J and Son Specialised Mouldings Ltd today.

Elegant fibreglass mouldings

Our wide range of fibreglass products can be made to complement the design of your home. All of our products are expertly made and allow you to add a personal touch to any room, garden or patio.  Take advantage of our comprehensive GRP moulding service. From consultation and design to creation and installation we work with you every step of the way. 

Make use of our services in Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and across the UK.

Park home accessories

Want to add the finishing touches to your park home? We provide:
 Make your park home stand out today and call P L J and Son Specialised Mouldings Ltd today.

A wide range of services

We offer custom-made pillars that can transform the exterior of your home. Whether it's a Roman, Corinthian, fluted pillar or a plain pillar that you're looking for, we can make them in varying widths and heights to suit your home.
You can choose from a selection of cornerstones, canopies, lintels and pilasters. Our items can be sent to you via courier (£45 + Vat for 4 cornerstones) and will reach you within 48 hours. Let us know of your requirements and we will do the rest!
Buy quality fibreglass canopies and fluted pillars from P L J and Son Specialised Mouldings Ltd in Swansea. Call us on